Technical Textiles

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  1. Technical Textiles

    Pacific Harish offers products using advanced technology machines, combined with high quality raw materials to produce a wide range of... View Details

  1. Insulation Cloth

    Usage/Application - Fire Insulation Width - Standard Design/Pattern - Unique Color - Multi Country View Details

  1. Activated Carbon Cloth

    Faster Adsorption Kinetics Higher Purity Filtration Higher Vapor Uptake More Efficient In Humid Applications. View Details

  1. Technical Textiles

    Our comprehensive brand, Teknotex, includes binders, dispersants, thickeners, cross linkers, finishing agents and aids used in coatings as... View Details

  1. Technical Industrial Yarn Twisters

    Denier Range - 110-800 denier Filament Yarns Twist Range - 60-1200 TPM (Ideal) Spindle Type For Cops 110mm,125mm,145mm; For View Details