About Us

At Sports Trade, we are greatly focused to bring the great entrepreneurs and established businesses together, with a focused aim to extend the opportunities of sporting goods and fitness equipments global trade community by offering a great e-commerce marketplace, which connects buyers with suppliers anytime, anywhere and from any location across the world


What is a B2B Marketplace?


Business-to-Business (B2B) exchanges are electronic marketplaces in the Internet where suppliers and buyers interact to conduct transactions. B2B marketplaces can be defined as a World Wide Web site where goods and services can be bought from a wide range of suppliers

Online exchanges vary according to the size and number of companies using them and the type of commodity traded. There are successful exchanges in markets as diverse as energy, textiles and logistics. Online exchanges allow participants to trade straightforwardly with a wide variety of buyers and sellers. Two of the biggest factors driving the growth of exchanges are that large businesses can use them to reduce stock holdings while small businesses can bid collectively to earn volume discounts or to jointly deliver a large contract.